The Movie

The Movie

A true story of how a young girl exposed the perpetrators of her sexual abuse and brought the Anglican Church to its knees.

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Starring Jack Thompson, Aden Young, Sara West (as Lyndal), Jacqueline McKenzie, Gyton Grantley, Susie Porter , Martin Sacks and Kim Knuckey as Archbishop  Peter Hollingsworth with Rachel Griffiths and Robert Taylor.

Adapted from the book ‘Don’t Tell’ written by  Stephen Roche, Don't Tell (the movie) is due for release in 2017.

Director: Tori Garrett.

Producer: Scott Corfield.

Don’t Tell is based on a book written by Stephen Roche about his experience representing a young woman who was sexually abused while attending a prestigious Anglican boarding school.

Young Lyndal’s damning claims were repeatedly refuted when she spoke out about repeated  abuse inflicted by the boarding master. Following another complaint by a fellow classmate the man is charged but takes his own life on the morning of his court appearance. For the next eleven years Lyndal’s cries fall on deaf ears. It is not until she is 21 years old that she meets local lawyer Stephen Roche and together, they reignite the damning evidence that will finally set Lyndal free.

Don’t Tell is a heart-rending story about a young woman’s pursuit of justice, the belief of her lawyers, and a landmark court decision that would forever change the way we view claims of institutional abuse.





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"compelling & heartfelt" - 4 stars

Paul Byrnes: Sydney Morning Herald


"beautifully made" - 4 stars

David Stratton: The Australian